What to expect on Sunday?

You can expect to be warmly greeted.

You can expect to find some of us wearing jeans and others in a shirt and tie. Come as you are.  

You can expect to laugh. There always seems to be some laughter in the air.

You can expect prayer, reading from the Bible and uplifting worship.


Expect to be Visited

After visiting with Harmony you can expect to be visited. These visits are short and sweet. We would like to give you a little gift, hand you some information about Harmony and see if you have anything that Harmony could pray for you about.

Expect to be Invited

You can expect to be invited to a Starting Point class. The class is an opportunity to hear your story and to hear about Harmony's story. You will also get to hear about the beliefs and practices at HCC, be equipped with the essentials of the Christian faith and become aware of ways to get involved. The class meets in the Prayer Room which is located in the Family Life Center. The class meets on Sundays at 9:45 am and is lead by the Senior Minister Brian Sturtz. 

Expect to be Asked

You can expect to be asked about becoming a member of Harmony. Spiritual formation does not happen in isolation, but in community. It is within the relationships found in a community of faith that discipleship, sharing, caring, shedding of tears, confessing of sin and healing can occur. What does it take to become a member? Attend a Harmony Membership class for more details. Use the form below to sign up for a class.