Engage Youth Ministry

Engage the Word, the World and in Community

Engage is for 6th-12th grade students. Engage meets on Sunday mornings in the Backalley at 9:45 am and on Sunday evenings at 5:45. On Sunday evenings there is a free meal served at 5:45 pm followed by an interactive Bible study and games.

At Engage student ministry we read and study the word of God, also we gather together to help support each other on this journey of becoming like Christ. The most important thing about Engage is that we desire be a place for the hurt and the broken. A place for those who feel like no one else cares. A place where Jesus can work and be seen through our actions, words, and lives. A place where our focus is on God, his love for you, and our roles in his kingdom. Join us on a Sunday and see what Jesus is about.

Summer Camp

Camp Sooner is located in Pink OK. During the summer months camps are offered for 1st graders up to 12th graders. For more information about Camp Sooner click here.

Here are the camp dates for this upcoming summer click here.


MOVE 2016 will examine the book of Ephesians and call students to join in, to be a part of the movement that has swept the globe for thousands of years. We were created for good; made for a purpose. We were designed for Kingdom work.